Women of divorce, wouldn’t it be amazing to feel confident, loved, at ease with life, and feel crazy, healthy good?

That is what Love 2 Live Well is all about! You’re in the right place if you value living a full, vibrant life, but feel stuck in the challenges of divorce. It’s easy to lose your connection to yourself when the upheaval of divorce sets in. When your life feels out of control, and you feel the heavy weight of the stress and anxiety of the unknown, it’s your own self-care and self-esteem that often suffers. I know how you feel, and I also know how different your reality can be!

I adore working with women of divorce (no matter where you are in the process) who are ready for change, and desire to connect with the beautiful, intuitively wise parts of themselves that feel like a distant acquaintance. You might sense that you could be living more fully, you just don’t how to get there. You value being healthy, strong, confident, and passionate about life, but you’re not experiencing any of those things right now. Chances are you feel anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, stressed, unloved, and lack the confidence, self-esteem and maybe even the hope that things can be better. And that’s ok (it’s normal!), but you don’t want to stay there!

My name is Ruth and I believe you are worthy to live your best life.  I am a yoga instructor and yoga health coach, but really I’m an advocate for helping others find and love their true selves. I support divorced women in reclaiming their lives because everyone deserves to feel loved, to love themselves and their bodies, and to live fully.

What we do around here! Learn to…


Feel Loved

Truly feeling loved doesn’t come from somewhere else or someone else. It comes from how you care for and treat yourself. Learn to love your body. Learn to treat yourself with kindness and respect. Learn how amazing and incredible you really are!


Feel Energized

Your body is wired to naturally have the energy you need to get through the day. Learn how to create habits that will align you with this organic source of energy, no matter what is going on around you. Start to feel and look your best!


Live Empowered

Your strength and confidence come from your personal power source. Learn how to tap into that source and empower yourself to live the life you desire. It’s already there. You just need to connect with it!


Live at Ease

An easeful life is a stress-free life. It’s where you’re able to handle the daily challenges and not lose your foundation of peace. Learn to live more simply and with more joy than ever before!

Women of divorce, start learning to love and care for yourself  and discover the path to healing and empowerment with my Reclaim Your Life program.