Events & Offerings

Below you’ll find listings of any upcoming events, offerings, and workshops.  Bringing us all together live creates the best energy for transformation and inspiration.  I design gatherings (both on-line and in-person) that allow participants to be supported in a loving, accepting environment, where we can be real, bust through barriers, and reconnect with our inner power of love and strength.  Join us!

NEW OFFERING: 4 Weeks to Reclaim Your Life

There are times when the challenges of life pull us away from who we are.
We get caught up in the sadness, grief, guilt, fear, and loneliness.
We lose sight of our inner strength, love, and brilliance.
We feel our light dimming.

What if your challenges were a call for you to reclaim who you really are?
What if it was an opportunity to find more strength from within than you thought was possible?
What if it was a battle cry to reclaim the pieces of yourself that have been lost along the way?
What if it was an opening in time to find an endless stream of self-love and self-acceptance?

I believe that divorce, loss, and heartbreak are not just one-sided, one dimensional.
They are not just moments in time for us to feel pain.
Love is so much bigger than that.
It offers so much more than what we feel in those moments.

But how will you get to the other side?
How will you step back into the embrace of love,
a love that empowers you to accept who you are,
know who you are,
and reclaim your ability to live from your true self every day?
To live from a strong foundation of self-love and self-knowing that fuels your choices and confidently guides you forward on your path?

My divorce was a catalyst.
It redefined me in the best way possible because it was the opportunity to find out who I really was and reclaim my ability to live from that place of strength.
It gave me purpose.
It expanded my ability to love and be loved.

If you’ve experienced divorce or any other life-crushing blow that has you living in doubt and fear, and what-the-heck-just-happened-to-my-life-I’m-now-stuck-in-this-life-sucking-swamp (yes, there is such a place…you know if you’ve been there!),
join me for 4 weeks to reclaim your life!

This is an accelerated version of my Reclaim Your Life Course.

I’ve created this so you can start experiencing life-changing results in a shorter period of time.
All of the magic is still there.
All of the inspiration, practical tools, aha moments, and personal guidance from me.
Everything you need to get yourself started on the path to living more fully than you ever have before.
Everything you need to spark the life that you’ve been wanting to live, that has felt out of reach.

Here’s the catch, though (isn’t there always a catch?  Don’t things always seem too good to be true?):
This course isn’t a magic pill.
It won’t miraculously transport you to the place where you think life is all roses.
It won’t take away the challenges.

It will illuminate the path.
It will help you to see yourself and where you can go more clearly.
I am the guide lighting the way.
You still need to walk the path.
You still need to be committed to giving to yourself.
The magic lies in the process,
and in the awareness that you will develop along the way.

The awareness that you are perfect as you are.
That you are stronger than you think.
That what is available to you is so much bigger than you realize.
That the universe is trying to support you and bring you well-being, goodness and love.
You just need the tools to tap into it.

We start September 4th.
Are you ready to Reclaim Your Life?

If so, click here.

The Soulfully Curated Year

Monthly on-line courses to help you become mindful and selective in what you can experience each day so you live more fully.

Our focus for August is called The Poet’s Voice – reclaiming your right to speak and be heard (5th chakra)

What if you were a clear communicator?
What if you were able to speak from your heart, even in challenging situations?
What if you were a great listener and people felt comfortable sharing their thoughts with you, knowing they would be heard?
What if you didn’t need to overly assert yourself in order to be heard?
What if you lived from a constant creative source?
What would your life be like if all the above were true?

This is what the 5th chakra invites us to become.  And all of these qualities are our inherent right. This is what you will be reclaiming in our online course for next month, The Poet’s Voice.

Why the poet?  I love how the poet writes and speaks from their heart.  They are real.  They are honest.  They give voice to their thoughts, and they aren’t afraid to share them.  Adopting the poet’s voice means that you speak from your heart.  You give a voice to your thoughts.  You share them.  You use your unique voice to bridge the gaps inherent in relationships.  You use your voice to share who you are with the world.

Embrace your truth.  Speak it clearly.  Let creativity flow through you.  Know that this is necessary!

The Monthly Experience:
You’ll receive bite-sized nuggets of information, inspiration, and inquiry, peppered throughout the month, that will take just a few minutes of your time, yet will give you a focus you can take with you during your day.

You’ll receive meditations, mantras, thought-provoking questions, inspirational writing, meditative prompts, suggested self-care practices, simple yoga poses, and more.  The materials will be presented through writings, audios, and videos.  You will also receive some fun supporting materials that you can explore during the month such as music playlists, essential oils, books to read, and more.

All of this will be delivered on-line through a membership site, so you can participate and access the information from anywhere.

$39 for the month

Sign up here! The Poet’s Voice begins 8/7! (but you have until 8/11 to sign up)

There are no current workshops scheduled.  If you host events on wellness, healthy living, mindfulness, divorce, and related topics, I am available to speak or run a workshop.  You can contact me via the Connect page on this website.