Read below about how other women have successfully navigated their divorce through my Reclaim Your Life program. 

Become the strong, confident woman you were designed to be.  Own your life and live authentically with power, grace and ease.
It’s time to change the face of what being a divorced woman looks like.  It’s time to take control of your life and start living for YOU!  It’s time to Reclaim Your Life!

I have found my inner voice.  The one that reminds me that I am confident, beautiful, and energetic.  I can accept changes or imbalances a little easier, and am more accepting & less likely to beat myself up about things. I also stand my ground and set boundaries without the guilt following me.  It’s easier to speak my mind and to be heard.  Ruth is a fantastic instructor on & off the mat.  She is patient, understanding, kind, caring, non-judgmental, human, honest.  She practices what she teaches, so she knows firsthand the struggles that may arise & lets you know from time to time that it’s ok to regroup & start over.

Lynn O.

 I feel healthier and I have my confidence back.  I’m also calmer throughout the day no matter what is going on.  You’ve given me tools for a lifetime.

Marcia W.

I loved this course!  I reclaimed parts of me that I was unaware of.  The habits are very grounding, and being new to this life of divorce it’s really nice to have some habits that give my life new purpose.  I looked forward t0 the live call each week.  It was a great way to stay in tune with what I needed to be focusing on with genuine support and some humor thrown in!  You are genuinely out to support people in finding their Best Self.  Thanks for giving me permission to be me!

Katie B.

I always knew deep down inside the person I was before my marriage. I was filled with laughter, confidence and a whole lot of love.  When I began this course I was going through a tough time and losing my faith.  Reclaim Your Life has helped me significantly to connect with what was already there.  It was just covered up and needed to shine through again.  Now I feel great!

Terri A.

Read about the experiences and transformations that other students have had working with me. 

I am so glad that I worked with Ruth!  I am now able to be compassionate with myself while being vigilant about taking care of myself.  Ruth, you are insightful and earnest. You really want us to succeed! This is made clear in the way you make these habits and changes accessible through your suggestions and often by just giving us space to struggle in a safe environment.

Lanta T.

I have made several very significant changes to my life and my lifestyle and my overall health due in large part to Ruth’s very helpful guidance and the class as a whole.   I have been “trying” to jump start some of these changes for YEARS, and I feel I have gained momentum on quite a few lifestyle habits that will assist me as I move forward.  Ruth is very supportive and has a great sense of humor.  She makes it ok to laugh at ourselves and be ok with things not going quite as planned – incorporating this mindset into our own self talk was a big piece for me. She is also very patient and helps us to identify how to incorporate changes that will last.

Liz L.

The biggest challenge I faced before working with Ruth was accepting the idea that self care is not a selfish act, but rather an unselfish act.  I have learned to deepen and enjoy self care routines without guilt rather than rush through them. I feel good about practicing these new habits, which has led to feeling better physically and feeling greater joy.

Louise W.

Working with Ruth has helped me to establish many new healthy habits which have naturally led to feeling more confident, and less conflicted on the choices I make each day.  I’ve become hooked on feeling good, and now I have a “road map” on how to best take care of myself!

Nicky S.

I learned so many tips and techniques to care for my body and mind and I am continuing to practice them.  As a result of my new practices my mind is calmer and my heart is more open to those around me.  I have learned to listen more carefully and to hold back on judging others.  I love all of the ways I have learned to take care of my body and I am more aware of what my body needs.

Jan P.