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Hello women of divorce!  What’s your story?  I know that divorce is hard, no matter what the reasons.  As we go through the process of divorce there is a running dialogue beneath the surface (“I can’t do this”, “this isn’t fair”, “my life is unraveling”, etc.)  that can continue long after the divorce is over.  This dialogue becomes our story, but our stories do not define us.  Yet as women of divorce we often let our stories become the driving force for how we view ourselves and how we act in the world.  That was true for me.  

I spent years not listening to or honoring my true needs and desires (and not just in my marriage but going all the way back to high school), and it all came to a head when my marriage fell apart.  My inner dialogue then was one of feeling unloved, unmotivated, hopeless, insecure, lacking confidence, and disconnected from who I truly was. But I knew that wasn’t who I really was.  And it’s not you either.

My divorce became the catalyst for me to start owning my story, taking control of my life, and to learning to care for myself on a deeper level than ever before.  I had to rebuild my life from the ground up, and face the unhealthy patterns of thinking and acting, and reclaim the life I was meant to live.  And you do too.

Which is why I created a path of discovery and healing to help women of divorce, like you, reclaim their lives.  You deserve to live your life to the fullest.  The world needs the authentic you to show up, engage, and shine brightly.  But most importantly, that is when you will be the happiest – living YOUR life.

To get started watch the brief video below.  Then get started on the path.  I’ll be your guide.


Some things to know about working with me:

I am an advocate for your best self.  So you’ll find that the environment in which we work is very supportive and non-judgmental.  

I give you practical information and tools so that you are empowered from within to make the changes you desire.  I share from my own experiences because this about real life, and real life is about embracing the full range of emotions and experiences.  

We learn to laugh when things don’t go as planned, and learn to be ok with what is, all the while growing and moving into a more authentic you.  I’m here to guide you on the path, and am light-heartedly direct in my coaching.  I live self-care to self-love, and that’s what I teach you as well.

Take a deep breath and relax, knowing that creating a healthy, vibrant life is within your reach.  I’m here to help you create more ease in your life as you learn to love yourself and transform some long held patterns of thinking and living.  What you experience in your daily life is a reflection of your inner landscape, and this is the realm in which we work.  If you want true, lasting change there is no quick fix or pill to take.  But there is a proven method of self-discovery, and this is the path we will take.

Discover how other women have transformed their lives through the Reclaim Your Life path.

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